Patient FAQ's

Patient FAQ's

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the Home Sleep Testing process. If you do not see your question posted, please call customer support for further assistance at 877-710-6999 Option 1 > Option 1.

  •  Did I damage/delete my study by powering the device ON/OFF?

    • The device will automatically power OFF after 7 hours. The device does not erase any information and will continue recording if turned ON. The data recorded will be analyzed and it will be determined if certain data cannot be used or is invalid.

  • If the patient needs to get up for any reason, should they turn the device off? 

    • No, you can leave the device on. If you turn the device off for more than 5 minutes it shows up in the system as a two night study. Please do not power off the device.

  •  How much is this going to cost me?

    • This is typically based on your current policy with your insurance provider and you will have to contact your insurance company with the CPT Code 95800 (or the billing code used by your provider) to obtain your out -of-pocket responsibility.

  • Does my insurance cover this?
    • If we have contacted you, it means this procedure has been authorized by your insurance company. Whether we are in or out of network is based on your provider and your policy so you will need to contact your  insurance company to confirm this information.

      Prescriptions are often written for 1 night. However, our main concern is recording the minimum 4 hours of total sleep time to ensure an accurate and valid study, to avoid having to retest.

      You may find extra materials like electrodes in your sleep kit. These are provided in the event you are performing a multi-night home sleep test, and they are very easy to replace. On the other hand, if you are missing materials in your kit, you should be able to reuse certain items without any problem. These include the electrodes (provided they have not been ripped or damaged during the first study night), and the thin, clear forehead sensor cover (for the larger, black sensor in the center of the device). Be sure to advise the office who provided the ARES device to you about the situation so they can correct this for future patients.

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