Password Reset Utility

Password Reset Utility

An important security feature of the Watermark Medical portal allows a user to reset their own password. To enable this feature, the user must provide additional personal security information for identity verification when their password is forgotten 
NOTE:  If your account has been locked or deactivated please contact Customer Support. The following instructions cannot be performed unless you are logged into your user account.  

Setting Up Personal Security Information
Personal security information can be added after logging into the portal by selecting “Utilities” > “Manage Profile” > “Manage Security Questions”. If the personal security information section has not been completed, the user will be redirected to this page after a successful password change. 

Figure 1 - Manage Security Questions menu option

On the “Manage Security Questions” form, the user will be asked to enter an email address, provide a DOB and two types of PIN numbers, along with three security questions (see  Figure 2 ).  This information will be used to verify user identity, should they choose to initiate a password reset request.

Figure 2 - The Manage Security Questions form

Once this information is provided, “ Forgot Password ” will appear on the login page if the user forgets their password (see  Figure 3 ) . Following this link will allow the user to make a password reset request. Further instruction will be sent to the email address provided in the security section above.  Click HERE  to see details on this process.

Figure 3 - Portal login screen with "Forgot Password?" link

If you are having difficulties or have questions regarding this security feature, please contact Customer Support directly at 877-710-6999, Option 1 > Option 1.  

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