How To Request Interpretation

How To Request Interpretation

When uploading a study you have the ability to request interpretation for the Home Sleep Test.  This option is located in the Study Information section labeled Interpretation Req'd*:  From the dropdown menu select YES if you want to the study to be Interpreted.  See Illustration below.

After uploading a study it will remain in a "ProcessPending" or "Processing" status for up to 30 minutes, and during this time you will not be able to request interpretation if you failed to do so at the time of upload.  However, here are some questions you might have regarding this process.

How do I Request Interpretation for a study after it has been uploaded?

The study will have to be in a qualifying status and located in one of two places - "Pending Studies Queue" or "Reports" > "Study Reports"
  1. Go to Home Sleep Testing Pending Studies Queue
  • Click Search to generate a list of studies in a pending status
  • Locate your patient's name and click the Green Plus Sign  on the patient name
  • Click Request Interpretation, and you will see a message appear.  After reading the message click OK.
  • An auto generated email will be sent to the Interpreting Physician and the study will be moved to their Interpretation Queue 

  1. You can also access "Available" studies in "Reports" > "Study Reports" and follow the same instructions above as long as the study has NOT been interpreted already (signed).

When would I not be able to request interpretation on a study?

You can only request interpretation if the study has NOT been interpreted by your assigned reading physician AND it is in a "Tech Edit" or "Available" status.

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