How to Re-Interpret My Study

How to Re-Interpret My Study

If a study has already been interpreted (signed) and released by the Interpreting physician but they need to make additional edits or changes please follow the steps below:

Note:  These steps must be performed by the Interpreting physician.  This is user specific to the Interpreting physicians

  1. Access "Interpretation Queue" menu by going to "Interpretation" > "Interpretation Queue" 

  • For status type select "Released"
  • Select your date range
  • Enter your search criteria and click the "Search" button to locate the patient
  • Click on next to the patient's name to access the context menu
  • Select "Re-Interpret My Study"
  • You will see the below message.

  1. Click OK to proceed
  2. Select status type "Interpretation Pending"
  3. Now you can follow your normal steps to locate the patient and Interpret the study.

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