Account Administrator Guide

Account Administrator Guide

Chapter 1:   Add User

Watermark Medical is excited to announce a new feature in the sleep study portal. You can now add new users, deactivate users, and reset a user’s password in your account.

      1.  Login to the Watermark Sleep Study Portal.
      2.  At Welcome Screen you will see menu options on left. Under the Administration” menu, click on
Manage Users” expand the menu:


      3. To add a new user, click on Add User:

    4. Fill out the required fields that are marked with an asterisk (*). Click CONTINUE once completed.


5. User type should say ACCOUNT if you have only one location. Click NEXT and continue to step 6.  If you have multiple account locations see Section 5A.


A. Adding users to a specific location 

1.  When you have multiple locations listed in your account you will see a drop down with options “ACCOUNT and “ACCOUNTLOCATION. These options allow you to set a user to view either all locations or restrict to a specific location.

                “Account” = allows user to view all locations listed in your account.
                “AccountLocation = allows user to view a specific location.


      Click the hyperlink to add associations. 


      Select the desired locations and click OK to save

      6.  Products section. Select HST.


      7.  Settings pop-up. Global Settings” and HST Settings” are only available when  editing an existing patient        

      8.  Roles section. Roles provide the ability to set permissions. The roles listed on the right are default roles. The roles listed on the left are optional. The list below explains each role.                  Make your selections by checking the box for any optional roles. Click CONTINUE.


                        ACCOUNT ADMIN- Allows user to add new Ordering Physicians at New Study or Process Study.

                        UserManagement- Allows user the ability to manage users by adding, deactivating, and resetting passwords.
                                                           (Only 2 users per account can be assigned to this role).
                        BASIC (default) role- Allows user access to portal. 
                        HST (default) Role- Allows user to access sleep study reports. 

      9 Password tab. Assign user a password that meets the  Password Rules listed below.

Click SAVE.


      10. A pop-up box should appear “The user has been saved successfully”.


Chapter 2: Reset Password


1.  At the User Management screen, highlight the user and right-click or click on the green menu icon and select Change Password.

      2. Set the password according to the  Password Rules: and click SAVE.


      3.  After you click save, a prompt will appear Password changed successfully.


Chapter 3: Deactivate User


1.   At the User Management” screen, highlight the user and right-click or click on the green menu icon and selectDeactivate User.


      2.  Click on OK at the prompt and the user will be removed from the active user list.

      3.  To view deactivated users, move the radio button to Deactivated” in the User

Management” screen and click on SEARCH.



      4.    To reactivate the user, highlight the user and right-click or click on the green menu icon and select Edit User.

5.  Remove the date from the Deactivate Date field. Click on SAVE.

      6.  A pop-up box should appear, The user has been saved successfully.